"Forum Law are very thorough and make sure things are done when they are supposed to be and are always proactive."

– Steve Mcleod
Senior Project Manager
Farrell Coyne Projects

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Wills and estates

Personal advice for peace of mind

Download the brochure PDF for our legal services in wills & estatesThe future is uncertain. And without a valid will, you could leave your loved ones with a difficult, costly conflict – and unexpected financial uncertainty.

Your affairs are more complex that you may think, and a home-made will may not take the most important details into account – or even be legally binding. 

Our caring legal team, located in our Leichhardt office in the inner west, will help you understand and record your wishes. We’ll also identify any issues, and promptly revise your will when your circumstances change.

Do you wish to appoint a power of attorney or guardian? We can also help with this, so you can be confident that your matters will be taken care of without the risk of a dispute.

We have clients in Sydney’s inner west, the greater Sydney region and interstate and overseas. So wherever you are in the world, we can help with the following areas of law:

Estate advice and arrangements

  • Preparing your will
  • Explaining the responsibilities of powers of attorney and guardians
  • Arranging and registering a power of attorney
  • Arranging an appointment of a guardian
  • Creating testamentary trusts
  • Obtaining probate or letters of administration


  • Intestacy issues: advising executors, trustees, beneficiaries, administrators and potential beneficiaries 
  • Estate and trust disputes and court proceedings
  • Matters relating to guardianship and powers of attorney
  • Property relationship and Succession Act or Family Provision Act claims

Book your complimentary consultation for up to 30 minutes

Thinking that making out your Will is just too difficult? Well, think again!

At Forum Law, our years of experience in helping clients make effective Wills mean we've come across virtually every situation, so even making complex Wills is trouble-free with our advice and assistance. Here's how we make it easy:

  1. Simply contact us and we'll send you our special Wills Instruction Sheet. It covers most of the common information we need to ensure that all aspects of your Will are considered. It's a three-page Q&A but it's easy to fill out. Post or fax it back to us, or email us the scans.
  2. When we have all the information, we have an idea of how complex your Will is likely to be. We will reply with a quote to make the Will so you know our fee in advance. Upon payment of a deposit into our trust account, we will provide you with a draft Will for you to look over. A simple Will costs around $320 including GST.
  3. At an appointment in our Leichhardt office, one of our experienced lawyers will guide you through the finalisation of your Will. We'll require photo ID. Or, for a nominal fee, we can arrange to visit you in your home or other location.

In addition to providing you and your executor with your own certified copies, we can retain your original Will in our safe so the existence - and the date - of your Will is never in doubt.

At every stage, we’re available to talk through any questions or concerns you have about planning your estate. 

Ask us about a Power of Attorney or an Appointment of Guardian at very reasonable rates from $275 each including GST.

Some things you may wish to think about include:

  • Who will take care of your children if you die before they turn 18?
  • Do you need to appoint a Power of Attorney to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf?
  • Do you need an Enduring Guardian to look after your medical care?
  • Who will benefit from your superannuation and life insurance?
  • Who will be your executor and trustee?

We provide wills in the inner west, and for our clients around the world. So wherever you’re located, we can quickly and carefully prepare your will and provide advice. 

Contact us to prepare your will 

The right time to make a will is now 

It’s important to start planning for life’s unexpected events much sooner than you may think. As soon as you start earning an income, you should think about how you want your assets and belongings distributed should you die. You may also want to make your wishes known about the use of life prolonging medical treatments (a ‘living will’) or appoint a Power of Attorney to make decisions on your behalf should you be unable or unavailable to do so. 

As life goes on and your circumstances change, you should review your will. You may need to update your will if you:

  • Buy property
  • Start a business
  • Get married, as this will revoke your original will
  • Have children or grandchildren
  • Get a divorce or separate
  • Retire

You should also revise your will if your relationships with the people listed in your will change, or if your partner dies before you. If your financial circumstances change, you should review your will immediately.

Ask us more about preparing or updating your will

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