At Forum Law we have been diligently working for the past few months to improve the delivery of quality legal services to our valuable clients. We are approaching the final stage of the formal process, guided by our expert consultants. We certainly hope that our clients will welcome the experience of our improved processes and documentation.
In the meantime we are pleased to share these snippets of legal counsel with you … follow the links to our website to find out more.
Property Law News
Property Law News
The consequences of not understanding the terms of your lease

Using the Conveyancing Act for debt recovery
It is possible to unwind transactions which are made for the purpose of defeating creditors – outside insolvency law

How to access a neighbour's property for your renovations
Is your neighbour preventing you from finishing your renovations because you need access to their property? Apply to the Local Court for help
Intellectual Property Law News
Intellectual Property Law News
Monitor the use of your trade marks or risk deregistration
A recent case shows that to prevent your trade mark being deregistered through non-use, a licence agreement may not be enough

The importance of being specific about the use of a trade mark
Defining the uses that infringe a trademark could take the form of a notice on the goods themselves

Not a 'fan' of minor differences
A recent case shows that minor alterations to an existing registered design will not be sufficient to constitute a new design


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