Forum Law now offers mediation services

We are excited to announce that Karen Schmitzer of our office has recently become a National Accredited Mediator.

A mediator is a neutral third person who encourages parties in dispute to talk to each other about the issues. By promoting understanding, the mediator assists the parties to identify their needs and interests, and uses creative problem solving techniques to enable the two sides to reach their own agreement.

Karen Schmitzer of Forum Law has just been officially accredited as a mediator

We congratulate Karen for her completion of the mediation course at LEADR, the Association of Dispute Resolvers, and her accreditation. Personally Karen also carries the advantage of her legal qualifications and previous experience at a number of city law firms.

If you would like to engage Karen to facilitate any conversation or to mediate in a dispute, contact her at our office on 9560 3388 for an obligation-free, confidential discussion.

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If you would like to discuss any of these issues or if you require any legal advice or assistance please contact us at Forum Law on +61 2 9560 3388 or email us.

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