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Mediation at Forum Law

Forum Law is continuing to develop our practice of alternative dispute resolution. Karen Schmitzer, our Practice Manager, is an accredited and experienced mediator for all forms of disputes at very competitive rates. Annette Fontana recently completed a course in mediation from Harvard Law School in the US and can facilitate mediation in her areas of expertise: business, commercial and property disputes.

Between Karen and Annette's studies in different models of mediation, Forum Law is well positioned to facilitate optimal outcomes for parties in dispute.

Property Law News
Property Law News
Unscrupulous practices in off-the-plan property sales
Sunset clauses in off-the-plan contracts are being abused, but the NSW government is stepping in

New tax certification requirements for land sales
Property valued at $2 million or more must come with clearance from the ATO

Changes to the laws governing Strata Schemes
The NSW Parliament's key reforms to strata legislation will have a significant impact on strata owners and committees
Construction Law News
Construction Law News
Home Building Act – a summary
Avoid claims from owners and other contractors by knowing the legal basics particular to residential construction
Company Law News
Company Law News
Dealing with illegal phoenix activity
When directors of wound-up companies which owe money to debtors set up a new company and repeat the behaviour


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