August in Australia is often a month where we are reminded, sadly, of our mortality as the cold weather affects the vulnerable in our community and we are reminded of the importance of having our affairs in order. In previous issues we have referred to recent cases conducted by us which have tested and challenged wills and other documents prepared to protect those whom we seek to protect, and we are pleased to report that the wills have withstood the challenge.
We strongly advise every adult to have a will and if you or a loved one are often absent from Australia, or have a high risk of being incapacitated due to health or other reasons, we strongly advise the preparation of an enduring power of attorney and appointment of guardian. In this issue we discuss these matters further.
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Succession Law News
Succession Law News
When is a gift not a gift?
In the time between the making of a will and its execution, your explicit wishes may become invalid – for many different reasons

NSW courts find that a written will is not the only admissible for probate

An exceptional case stretches the definition of de facto for the purpose of a will
Intellectual Property Law News
Intellectual Property Law News
I'll have what she's having
QLD Supreme Court orders mandatory alterations to a newly built house for infringement of a designer’s copyright

Owners of IP in movies are being curtailed from 'speculative invoicing' of suspected pirating individuals by the payment of significant bonds

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