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Intellectual property

Protect one of your business' most valuable assets

Intellectual property (IP) includes your brand, logo, design, patent and even your business name. IP is comprised of a number of concepts through which people can protect and enforce their rights and interests in creations of the mind, including ideas, designs, artistic or scientific creations. 

We assist clients with a range of IP matters, including copyright, patents, designs, trade marks, use of confidential information and common law related areas of IP. Our lawyers can help you understand the process of protecting your intellectual property by identifying and registering their interests and enforcing any protections available to you.   


We can assist with the protection of your copyright, which encompasses:

Works: including dramatic, literary or artistic works and designs (including building and industrial designs) and circuit layouts; and

Subject matter: including film, websites, broadcasting and sound recordings.

Trade marks

Protection of a trade mark for a mark or sign (including words and logos) in connection with goods and services is achieved through registration with IP Australia and must distinguish your goods or services from those of your competitors. Our team can help you to assess and decide on the best form of registration to suit your needs.

Designs and patents

Where the design of a product is distinctive, registration of that design will protect the overall appearance of a product.  The scope of registration of a design is restricted to the product's appearance, such as a 2D representation of the product.  

Patents refer to the protection of works (being a device, substance, method or process) of inventors, or persons who are entitled to be assigned the invention. 

We can arrange for the registration and protection of your design or patent with the assistance and guidance of qualified patent attorneys.

Service provider agreements and the PPSR

Service providers such as IT companies must ensure that the agreements which they have in place, or enter into do not contain terms or conditions which are not in their best interests.  

Forum Law can assist you with drafting or reviewing service contracts to highlight issues of IP ownership.

Another important consideration for businesses is the registration of their IP on the Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR). We can review and draft agreements for the sale or licencing of your IP, and arrange for registration of your IP on the PPSR to ensure that adequate protections are in place. 

Passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct

'Passing off' involves the misappropriation through deception of a competitor's goodwill or reputation. It includes attempts by a person to pass off their goods or services as those of another.

Misleading and deceptive conduct is covered under the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. A breach of these provisions may allow a claim to be brought against the offender for damages that have been suffered as a result of offending actions or omissions.

Ask us to help with:

  • Registration, oppositions or amendments to trade marks;
  • Protection of designs and patents;
  • Protecting your IP through social media and the use of domain names;
  • IP licencing;
  • Reviewing and drafting IP service and licence agreements;
  • IP items created by employees or contractors (reviewing or preparing employment or service provider agreements);
  • Copyright matters;
  • Protection of privacy and confidential information; and
  • Litigation, disputes and oppositions related to common law IP matters, such as passing off or misleading and deceptive conduct, such as cyber-squatting.

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