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Forum Law News is a free e-news service that keeps you updated with developments in Australian law that may be of interest to you. Below are the articles linked from each edition of Forum Law News.

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#39 July 2017

News Flash June 2017 Forum Law News - read the issue

#38 March–April 2017 Forum Law News - read the issue

News Flash March 2017 Forum Law News - read the issue

#37 January–February 2016 Forum Law News - read the issue

#36 November–December 2016 Forum Law News - read the issue

#35 September–October 2016 Forum Law News - read the issue

News Flash September 2016 Forum Law News Flash September 2016 - read the issue

#34 July–August 2016 Forum Law News 34 - read the issue

News Flash July 2016 Forum Law News Flash July 2016 - read the issue

#33 May–June 2016 Forum Law News Flash April 2016 - read the issue

News Flash May 2016 Forum Law News Flash May 2016 - read the issue

#32 March–April 2016 Forum Law News Flash April 2016 - read the issue

News Flash March 2016 Forum Law News Flash March 2016 - read the issue

#31 January–February 2016 Forum Law News 31 January-February - read the issue

#30 November–December 2015 Forum Law News 30 November-December - read the issue

#29 September–October 2015 Forum Law News 29 September-October - read the issue

News Flash September 2015 Forum Law News Flash September - read the issue

#28 July–August 2015 Forum Law News 28 - read the issue

News Flash July 2015 Forum Law News Flash July - read the issue

#27 May–June 2015 Forum Law News 27 - read the issue

News Flash June 2015 Forum Law News Flash June 2015 - read the issue

  • Contract Law News – When is an electronic signature a valid signature for a binding contract?
  • Employment Law News – Is your business protected against rogue employees or contractors?
  • Construction Law News – How to avoid or minimise the big "sting" after a head contractor is wound up

#26 March–April 2015 Forum Law News 26 - read the issue

#25 January–February 2015 Forum Law News 25

#24 September–October 2014 Forum Law News 24

  • Property Law News – Exercising the option to renew a retail or commercial lease? Don't get caught out
  • Property Law News – Strata property investors beware!!! The builder's duty of care has reduced in the wake of the recent Brookfield case
  • Consumer Law News – If your customers are in a vulnerable position, ensure your sales promises are bulletproof or risk paying a hefty price
  • Employment Law News – "Employee" or "contractor"? That is the question
  • Intellectual Property Law News – Identity theft and protecting your brand

#23 July–August 2014 Forum Law News 23

#22 May–June 2014 Forum Law News 22

#21 March–April 2014 Forum Law News 21

#20 January–February 2014 Forum Law News 20

#19 September–October 2013 Forum Law News

#18 July–August 2013 Forum Law News

#17 May–June 2013 Forum Law News

#16 March–April 2013 Forum Law News

#15 January–February 2013 Forum Law News

#14 November–December 2012 Forum Law News

#13 September–October 2012Forum Law News

#12 July–August 2012 Forum Law News

#11 May–June 2012 Forum Law News

#10 March–April 2012 Forum Law News

January–February 2012

#9 November–December 2011 Forum Law News

  • Employment Law News - National OHS harmonisation: are you ready for the new regime effective 1 January 2012?
  • Construction Law News - The Home Building Act: significant changes in the new year
  • Contract Law News - Personal Property Securities Act: changes to affect retention of title, off-site storage and security over assets
  • Consumer Law News - Consumer guarantees: warranty against defects prescribed from 1 January 2012

#8 September–October 2011 Forum Law News

  • Company Law News - The fall-out from the Centro case: implications for directors unfold
  • Company Law News - More alarm bells for directors: the court orders a director to pay damages to a creditor?
  • Company Law News - Timbercorp and directors’ duties of disclosure
  • Trust Law News  - Duties owed by trustees to beneficiaries with respect to income-earning assets such as an investment property
  • Construction Law News - Establish effective procedures for payment claims and schedules
  • Property Law News - Clarifying the nature of excess payments on Home Owners Warranty insurance claims
  • Employment Law News  - When is the dismissal of an employee for breach of OH&S standards or safety policies considered “harsh, unjust or unreasonable”?
  • Consumer Law News - Repairers of consumer goods note: new laws regarding the repair of goods under the Australian Consumer Law

#7 July–August 2011 Forum Law News

#6 May–June 2011 Forum Law News

#5 March–April 2011 Forum Law News

  • Construction Law News - The Building & Construction Industry Security for Payments Act
  • Employment Law News - The definition of a “small business” for the purposes of Unfair Dismissal provision in The Fair Work Act has changed as from 1 January 2011
  • Insolvency Law News - Beware of trying to be too smart in trying to offload assets to defeat creditors where there is a risk of bankruptcy
  • Property Law News - Increase in enquiries from landlords and tenants seeking to enforce or review their obligations under a commercial or retail lease
  • Contract Law News - The recent case of Saleh v. Rannous emphasises that it is critical to confirm with whom you are dealing in a contract and what they are promising & The new Personal Property Securities Act
  • Succession Law News - Have you thought about updating your will as you and your proposed beneficiaries get older?

#4 November–December 2010 Forum Law News

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