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Beware the bullies!

Employment Law News | August 2013

In this Issue we note the recent changes to the Fair Work Act in the last sittings of the Gillard government in June 2013 relating to the issue of “bullying” in the workplace. The changes take effect from 1 January 2014. A landmark decision on workplace has been provided by the Supreme Court of Victoria in the case of Swan v Monash Law Book Co-op, with extremely serious consequences for the employer in that case.

We refer you to the excellent advice prepared by our colleague Elizabeth Devine of Devine Law at Work who is a specialist Employment Lawyer on this topic and other areas of workplace law. Elizabeth has prepared a paper on these critical changes in the workplace that require the urgent attention of all employers and employees.

You can read Elizabeth’s paper at http://www.devinelaw.com.au/legal-info/articles/ or contact her on +61 (0) 410 622 887.

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