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Consumer Law News December 2011

Consumer guarantees: warranty against defects prescribed from 1 January 2012

From 1 January 2012, suppliers of consumer goods will be required to provide consumers with a warranty against defects that is prescribed by the new Consumer Law.

The new Consumer warranty to be attached to new goods for sale must:

  • Be clearly written
  • Concisely state how the warranty is honoured and what is required of the consumer to claim the warranty
  • Clearly state the details of the person giving the warranty
  • State the period within which the defect must appear to be covered by the warranty
  • Set out the procedure for claiming the warranty
  • State who will bear the expense and how the consumer can claim the expenses incurred in making the claim
  • State that the benefits are in addition to the ACL
  • Contain a prescribed clause

Should you require assistance in complying with the new Consumer Guarantee, contact us at Forum Law and we can advise you at our competitive rates.

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